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Pictures of our group

Click on the pictures for a larger view.

Group picture. (Left to right) Front row:

Elyssa, Laura, and Erin.

Back row:

Catherine, Nickie, Sarah, Meg, and Anna.

Another group picture

Anna and Anna

Anna and Elyssa

Anna, Meg, and Elyssa.

Anna and Mr. Abraham Lincoln.

The Grand March.

Laura, Abe, and Nickie.

Catherine and Laura resting after the ball.

Elyssa and the kind gentleman who asked her to dance. (Practically the only gentleman who asked us to dance.)

The Lady of Shallot

Smelling the pretty flowers.

Mr. Lincoln and Catherine.

Abe and Elyssa.

Group picture with Mr. Lincoln.

Another picture with Abe.

Meg and the President.

Nickie and her new ball gown.

Side view

Sarah and her brother in the Grand March.

Mrs. Vivian Murphy with Nickie and Catherine.

Vivian Murphy with one of the fashion show participants.

Vivian with Deborah Hyland.

Deborah modeling her lovely sacque and petticoat. By the way, this year she was the dance mistress for the Military ball. She did an absolutely wonderful job! Her husband and her were also very kind in trying to find dance partners for us. Unfortunately, there weren't very many willing to dance, but at least they tried for us!

One of the girls from the fashion show modeling her lovely riding habit.

Taking a stroll down the lane.

Back from shopping.

Picture in front of someone's tent.

Meg and Elyssa.

Posing for a picture on the stairway after dinner.

Catherine and Laura walking to the theatre.

Meg and her sister Anna getting ready.

Erin's mom helping her get ready.

Erin's little sister Julie.


Nickie and Elyssa going to the theatre.